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11/20/11 - State voters approve constitutional amendment (The Advocate, Baton Rouge)

11/19/11 - Real estate measure passes (The Daily Advertiser, Lafayette) 

11/16/11 - Amendment No. 1 will stop double taxation (Shreveport Times, Shreveport) ENDORSEMENT!

11/15/11 - Amendment would block imposition of real estate tax (The Daily Advertiser, Lafayette)

11/15/11 - Our view: On Louisiana ballot, a 'Yes' vote says 'No' to a new tax (The Town Talk, Alexandria) ENDORSEMENT!

11/14/11 - Vote for ban on real estate tax (The Daily Adveriser, Lafayette) ENDORSEMENT!

11/10/11 - Amendment should be approved (The Ouachita Citizen, West Monroe) ENDORSEMENT!

11/09/11 - Amendment should be approved (Concordia Sentinel, Ferriday) ENDORSEMENT!

11/09/11 - Proposed constitutional amendment would ban real estate transfer tax (The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

11/09/11 - On the Ballot: Amendment #1 (KATC-TV, Lafayette)

11/08/11 - Real estate transfer tax amendment on Nov. 19 Louisiana ballot (WWL-TV, New Orleans)

11/08/11 - Two cents: 'Business Report' publisher makes endorsements for runoffs (Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, Baton Rouge) ENDORSEMENT!

11/08/11 - Amendment seeks a ban on transfer tax (The Town Talk, Alexandria)

11/07/11 - Real estate transfer tax bad idea for state (American Press, Lake Charles) ENDORSEMENT!

11/07/11 - Have your say today on proposal to ban transfer tax (The Town Talk, Alexandria)

11/04/11 - Cast vote for Amendment 1 (Monroe News Star, Monroe) ENDORSEMENT!

11/04/11 - Amendment will protect homeowners, homebuyers (Slidell Sentry, Slidell) ENDORSEMENT!

11/03/11 - Our Views: Amendment targets tax (The Advocate, Baton Rouge) ENDORSEMENT!

11/03/11 - Monroe chamber supports Amendment 1 (Monroe News Star, Monroe) ENDORSEMENT!

10/31/11 - Louisiana real estate lobby hopes to block transfer tax on Nov. 19 ballot (The Town Talk, Alexandria)

10/31/11 - Closing costs (Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, Baton Rouge)

10/26/11 - Representatives meet to discuss tax amendment (Monroe News Star, Monroe)

10/24/11 - Election season not over yet (Daily Report, Baton Rouge)

10/16/11 - Briefly: Support amendment No. 1 on ballot (Shreveport Times, Shreveport)

10/15/11 - Voters to consider lone amendment on Nov. 19 ballot (Leesville Daily Leader, Leesville)

10/12/11 - Amendments Will Benefit Students, Veterans (Slidell Sentry, Slidell)

09/13/11 - Realtors back a constitutional amendment (Real Estate Weekly, Baton Rouge)

09/12/11 - Proposed amendments stir special interests (Daily Report, Baton Rouge)

09/11/11 - La. voters to consider six amendments (Thibodaux Daily Comet)

06/13/11 - Session makes way for constitutional issues (Houma Courier)

06/02/11 - Realtors lobby against new home taxes (St. Charles Herald Guide, Boutte)

05/31/11 - Session Update: HB 135 Passes House Overwhelmingly (Louisiana REALTORS eNews Digest, Baton Rouge)

05/24/11 - Brian Andrews: Louisiana Realtors rally for anti-tax legislation (Real Estate Weekly, Baton Rouge) 

03/08/11 - Poll: Do you support an amendment to stop real estate transfer taxes? (Real Estate Weekly, Baton Rouge)

03/02/11 - Some Parishes Look to Real Estate Transfer Tax (WDSU NBC 6, New Orleans)

03/01/11 - Senator proposes end to taxing real estate transfers (NBC33, Baton Rouge)

03/01/11 - Senator proposes end to taxing real estate transfers (NBC33, Baton Rouge)



11/16/11 - Editorial - Vote yes on Amendment 1 (KSLA-TV, Shreveport) ENDORSEMENT!

11/15/11 - "Hot button" editorial - vote yes for Amendment 1 (KPLC-TV, Lake Charles) ENDORSEMENT!

11/14/11 - Real estate tax issue on the ballot this weekend (WBRZ-TV, Baton Rouge)

11/08/11 - Interview with "Stay Tax Free" campaign consultant Mandi Mitchell (KATC-TV, Lafayette)

11/08/11 - Real estate transfer tax amendment on Nov. 19 Louisiana ballot (WWL-TV, New Orleans)

09/21/11 - LR CEO Malcolm Young interview (KPLC-TV, Lake Charles) 

03/11/11 - LR's Norman Morris provides an overview of the issue and campaign

03/02/11 - Senator Proposes Amendment to Stop Transfer Taxes on LA Property (WDSU-TV, New Orleans)

What Others Are Saying...

11/19/11 - Casting a vote can have practical results (letter to the editor from REALTOR Assoc. of Acadiana Executive Officer Mary Jane Bauer, Lafayette Daily Advertiser)

11/18/11 - Vote Yes on Saturday to Prevent New Taxes (Kevin Kane, The Pelican Post)

11/18/11 - New Orleans Metro Association of REALTORS Supports Amendment 1 (letter to the editor from NOMAR President Tom Giroir, New Orleans Times-Picayune)

11/18/11 - Vote to amend Louisiana constitution (letter to the editor from Central La. Assoc. of REALTORS President Brenda Luttgeharm, Alexandria Town Talk)

11/13/11 - Vote in favor of Amendment No. 1 (letter to the editor from Northeast La. Assoc. of REALTORS President Kevin Bayles, Monroe News Star)

11/11/11 - Malcolm Young: La. Realtors stand behind Amendment No. 1 (letter to the editor, Shreveport Times)

11/11/11 - Transfer Tax on Homes in Louisiana (Katie Witry)

11/09/11 - Amendment #1 on the November 19th ballot in Louisiana (Lafayette Real Estate News, Chantal Saucier)

10/23/11 - Why Louisiana Voters Need to Vote Yes to Remain Tax Free: Amendment #1 (ActiveRain, Marilyn Boudreaux)

09/30/11 - Why I am Voting for Amendment #1 Louisiana to Stay Tax Free (ActiveRain, Marilyn Boudreaux)

08/23/11 - REAL ESTATE TRANSFER TAX (Larry Dietz)

06/19/11 - No Double, Unfair Taxes for Louisiana Homeowners - HB 135 Update (ActiveRain, Mike Meyer)

06/15/11 - Louisiana Politicians are Protecting Homeowners!! HB 135 Passed!! (ActiveRain, Paige Walker)

06/03/11 - Louisiana House Bill 135 Passes 100-0 in LA House of Representatives! (, Marc Pellettiere)

05/29/11 - Protect Louisiana Homes from Transfer Taxes! (ActiveRain, Mike Meyer)

Legislative Action

House Bill 135 (Act #425) passed unanimously in the Louisiana House of Representatives on May 24 and passed unanimously in the Senate on June 13. It will appear as the only constitutional amendment (#1) on the November 19 statewide ballot.

 Read the enrolled copy here (PDF file)

 Media Kit

 Stay Tax Free campaign news release, Oct. 27, 2011

 Third party groups that have endorsed Amendment #1

 Transfer tax study, state legislative history

 Impact analysis of a real estate transfer tax in Louisiana

 Campaign leadership biographies

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